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Hello Readers,

On my last post, I explained you about how to prepare the documents to apply a scholarship, especially for CCIP scholarship, so my next post must explain about the next step about applying a scholarship. However, because I want to share some tips with my other friends from Indonesia who comes to US in same program with me, so I choose to skip to the next topic and write about live in America for an Indonesian. In this post I want to write about easiest and cheapest way I know to call friend’s or family’s cell phone/fixed phone in indonesia.

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Hello pembaca,

di post terakhir saya menulis tentang cara menyiapkan dokumentasi dalam mendaftar beasiswa, maka seharusnya post ini bercerita tentang kisah selanjutnya tapi masih dalam topik mendaftar Beasiswa, tapi karena keinginan saya untuk berbagi dengan teman – teman Indonesia yang ada di US maka topiknya terpaksa meloncat dulu tentang beberapa tips untuk survive di US.

Karena segmen pembaca adalah orang indo yang di US maka saya gunakan bahasa inggris untuk post saya ini.

Let’s break a leg!

Are you ready? here we go!

First, do you know VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol)? It is a new method for you to call your friend’s or family’s cell phone/fixed using internet. The benefit from this method is cheap. For you who want to know more about VoIP, I think wiki will give you a long describtion about it, and you can check that here

Out there you can find a lot of VoIP provider. They have of plans and packages for you, you can chose what you want and what you like, but I choose and this post will tell you about how to make a call using this provider.

I have three main reason why I chose this provider. First, this provider is cheap. This provider only costs you two cent/minute to call fixed phone in Jabodetabek (+62 21) and eight cent/minute to call cell phone and another fixed phone out site the Jabodetabek area. Second, I can use my paypal account top up my credit. That feature really helpful for student like me who did not have a credit card. Third, I read a lot of good review about this provider in internet. ;-)

oke, now is time to talk about how to use it.

1. Register to

  • Click “Create a Free Account”
  • Chose your country as “United State”
  • Put your phone number in America. you can use cell phone number or fixed phone number
  • Input the number you want to call in Indonesia
  • Fill  ID like when your register email of facebook
  • Congratulation! You did it!

2. Add funds

  • add fund to make your first call. like I said before, you can use paypal. for FAQ you can see here

3. Install the client

  • you can find full guide here

4. Let’s make a call

let’s make a cheap call to indonesia.

if you like my post and you think this post is useful, I will happy if you add some donation for this website by leaving a comment, and I’m sorry for this very simple post. I’m a little busy right now, maybe if a have more spare times I will re edit this post and add some picture and video.


  1. Daftar Isinya says:

    [...] Cheapest Way to Call Indonesia Kojack Version [...]

  2. ay_can says:

    ditunggu picture and video nya…

  3. thya says:

    thanks infonya. boleh dicoba buat berhemat. hehehe

  4. simple-learning says:

    i have cheaper option: 'YM' and 'Skype' :)

    • kojack says:

      No, you cannot call a cell phone using YM or Skype.
      Maybe you can, but the rate is more expensive than this one. In addition, you must have a credit card to buy the credit.
      In other case, when you must call your family who cannot use skype neither YM, this application will useful.

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