Kojack’s English Corner – Semicolon Rules

Today, I have an assignment in my business communication class. This assignment is about how to fix run-on (R-O) and fragment (frag.) clauses. I confuse because my book always use semicolon to fix run on and fragment. :?:

In my summer class, my teacher taught me that there are several ways to fix R-O or frag such as using period, coordinating conjunction (a.k.a. FANBOYS) or subordinate conjunction  to fix that mistakes. She never taught about how to using semi colon. :roll:

That’s why I do some research in internet, and I find this. I think you must visit that website if you have a problem with R-O or fragment. That site will tell you all rules to fix your mistakes. Also, I realize that English grammar not as hard as when I studied it in High school.

:idea: Do you have any idea why?


  1. Kojack says:

    I hope that will help you.

  2. ay_can says:

    that's great website. i think it can be used. helpful

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