2012 Dress Up!

Maybe it’s too late to say happy New Year, but I don’t care. Happy new year everybody!

What new in 2012?

As you can see, it’s the new appearance for my blog. Yes, finally after spending hours to customize it, I have an appearance that I really like for my Blog. Well, it doesn’t mean that I don’t like my previous appearance. It’s cool though. I spend a lot of time to develop it, but for 2012 I want my blog to be more personal instead just look like a journal. Therefore, it cans represent me better in the Internet.

Kojack.net 2012

Kojack.net 2011

What I really like about this new style? Of course the big picture of me! It shows confident; well to be honest, I little bit over confident maybe :p, but what do you expected from a personal blog? Of course you want people who visit your blog realize it’s you blog in a glance right? That’s why you will want your picture to be there! LOL

In the future there’re will be many minor improvements to develop in it. Integration with my social networks like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube seems to be a promising first step which means as more and more work hours….

In the end, what do you think about it?


  1. Chita says:

    kalo kataku lebih bagus Wir, kesannya lebih chic and simple. Lebih eye catching. :)

  2. Rismaka EA says:

    Congratz boz.. u got the final tought :D

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