Astray Red Frame KAI

Yepp!! Finally, my first Master Grade Gundam. After weeks try to learn more about Gundam modelling start from how to cut parts from its runners until how to paint model using air brush. Today, I feel that I’m ready to enter the Master Grade world with the MG Astray Red Frame KAI 1/100.

As you may know, MG model a lot more expensive compare to other models. That’s why, it suck big amount of money from my bank account (yes, we know, this hobby isn’t cheap). But, when I see this model, I know that it will be worth for my money. By reading this model’s manual book I know that it will offer me a lot of challenge, and this model looks so cool.

I know that I will be very busy this month, so I can’t assembly this part in short time. However, for you who what to know how this model will be look like. You can see in this picture bellow.



  1. apri tampan says:

    Saya juga baru memasuki hobi ini, jadi efek bagusnya rajin nabung sekarang wkwkwkwk.

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  3. koeshariatmo says:

    hobby yang cukup mengambil isi tabungan…

    saya masih belum berani

  4. Chita says:

    Itu hasil jadinya Wir?
    Wah keren…

  5. Asop says:

    Wah, master grade. :D
    Saya belom berani. :D

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