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Old Pictures

Have you ever look at your old pictures on Facebook or photo album? If not, I you should check it. I just checked some of it and I found that it was interesting. I think that the stories behind those pictures will be something that worth to write on this blog. Therefore, I will try to share some in the Picture of the day Category


Picture of the day: Indian Statue

Last week I went to Washington DC and New york. I kinda like those cities, but I in my opinion Chicago is better than those cities. By the way during my trip I took a picture. Would you explain to me your opinion about this picture? What I need to improve to take a better shot?


Here is the EXIF data from this picture:

Camera Sony SLT-A33
Exposure 0.006 sec (1/160)
Aperture f/1.7
Focal Length 50 mm
ISO Speed 100

Also, You can find technical data about this picture here

Picture of the day: Another Squirrel

This is my another squirrel shot. You don’t have to tell me; I already know that I love weird animal. When most of people love cat or dog; I love squirrel and hedgehog. Why? I don’t have any specific reason. I just think squirrel and hedgehog are cute and in the other hand I really hate cat.


Picture of the day : Lonely

It’s been a while since my last post. I’m so sorry… I was very busy with the new semester coming up, so let me publish a picture of the day for you.

Lonely Tree

I took this picture in reservation near my hotel. I hope you like it.

I’m sorry if this post was too short. I was not in a good mood because the blizzard out there…

Picture of The Day : Long Exposure

After spend half month for the photography articles, this time to post my Picture of the day picture. . This is a picture from my first experience to use long exposure from the last year :mrgreen:

long explosure+tag

I use slow shutter speed for this picture (3″). You can check this to see the meta data for this picture if you want to try make similar shot. In addition, I use two additional tools, like you can see at the following picure, to take this shot.

alat bantu tambahan

small tripod + digital key chain

Picture of The Day: I Know What You Did Last Winter

happily ever after colour

People ask me “what are you doing during the winter break?”

Okay, I’m not travelling to a fancy big city. I just explored my third hometown; Chicago is big enough for me. :mrgreen: So, rather than spending my money for a travelling, I chose to spending my money for camera, lenses and accessories. If you ask me “Do you happy with your choice?” my answer is “Come on dude, you should see my picture there, did I look unhappy?” :idea:

Picture of The Day : Milwaukee Museum

Milwaukee museum

One of my shot at Milwaukee art Museum. I took this picture during my winter break’s trip.  If you have advice or comment please let me know by leave me a comment.

Picture of The Day – My 40-150mm Lens

My 40-150mm Lens

After take a lot of shot with my new Olympus. I started to study about basic image editing. I’m a newbie on this field, so if you can give me advices or critique I will be very happy. Also, you can check my galleries here.

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